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With August’s dog days upon us, be extra careful on road

August 3, 2009 by · Comments Off on With August’s dog days upon us, be extra careful on road 

I RECEIVED a call several days ago notifying me that my father had been in a serious motorcycle accident near his home in Montana. Apparently, the unusually warm 97-degree day had gotten to him and he suffered heat exhaustion and passed out. He went off the road and down a ravine, most of the way on his belly.

My father was luckier than most. He suffered a mere few broken ribs, road rash and a badly bruised face. The first responding officer on the scene told him that he had just left the scene of a similar bike accident where the driver hadn’t made it.

The western United States is experiencing record-breaking heat, and motorists there are being taken by surprise. But we in Virginia are approaching the hottest time of year as well, and commuters would be wise to prepare accordingly.

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