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Tickets Issued at Virginia Beach Bike Classic

May 4, 2011 by · 3 Comments 

The Virginia Beach Bike Classic was held this weekend at North Beach landing in Virginia Beach , Virginia . It was great to be there and see a lot of friends from Virginia and the Carolinas . However the event was marred by law enforcement. The Virginia State Police in conjunction with the Virginia Beach Police Department set up a few miles from the event and wrote tickets for offenses such as unapproved helmets, illegal exhausts, improperly mounted license plates, etc. It was reported at one point that they were refusing those without a “DOT Approved” helmet to proceed further and forced them to go back to the event a buy a new helmet.

If you or anyone that you know received such a ticket at the Virginia Beach Bike Classic please contact me and I will represent you at no charge. These charges are improper given the law in Virginia . For those in favor of mandatory helmet use this is not an attack on helmets. I respect the right of every motorcyclist to hold an opinion on this matter. However this is not about helmets, it is about ensuring that the police follow the law. If they are going to stop and charge people they should at least be familiar with the statutes under which they are charging them.

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Beach bike event helps those who help others

April 13, 2010 by · Comments Off on Beach bike event helps those who help others 

VIRGINIA BEACH – Motorcycle enthusiasts at Knuckleheads Roadhouse are all revved up to help those who help us — first responders who serve and protect and keep us safe.

They’re using the 14th Annual Virginia Beach Bike Classic to raise money for “Vigilant Watch”, a non-profit group that raises money for first responders and their families during times of great distress. It was started by Joe Long and Wayne Sandlin, two long-time firefighters.

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