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Motorcycle Parking at the Virginia Beach Ocean Front

August 31, 2008 by · 5 Comments 

Saw this letter to the editor in the daily press.

On Aug. 23, my husband and I headed out on our motorcycles from Gloucester to the Virginia Beach oceanfront. We were fortunate enough to get a metered spot on Atlantic Avenue. We parked our bikes and fed the meter some change. Upon our return to the bikes, we found we were the lucky recipients of two parking tickets –– one for each bike –– at $12 a piece.

We immediately checked the meter and found we still had 1 hour and 46 minutes of paid parking. What we also discovered was we were ticketed because we parked both of our bikes in the same spot. We had four tires in that spot, the same as one car would have.

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I thought that 2 bikes were allowed to share a spot down at the beach? Anyone know for sure?

NY State Police Issue 48 Tickets at MC Checkpoint

May 31, 2008 by · Comments Off on NY State Police Issue 48 Tickets at MC Checkpoint 

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (AP) — State police stopped and inspected 123 bikers heading up the Adirondack Northway, issuing 48 tickets at a safety checkpoint Friday.

Heading into the weekend leading to the Americade motorcycle rally at Lake George, the checkpoint for northbound riders lasted a few hours at the I-87 rest area in Queensbury.

Police said they issued 15 tickets for unapproved helmets, 9 for illegal exhaust pipes, 4 for unlicensed operators and 20 for other violations.

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