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Patriot Chopper makes debut ride during Rolling Thunder

June 5, 2008 by · Comments Off on Patriot Chopper makes debut ride during Rolling Thunder 

Patriot Chopper ARLINGTON, Va. – Although “Rolling Thunder” may be the name of a stirring circus march, for many those two words bring to mind the revving of a half-million motorcycle engines.

Every Memorial Day for the past 21 years, bikers from all over the country have traveled to the nation’s capital for a one-mile trip from the Pentagon to the National Mall. Event organizers call it Rolling Thunder because of the sound made by thousands of motorcycles crossing Memorial Bridge into the District of Columbia. The event’s main focus is to publicize American servicemembers who are prisoners of war and those who are still listed as missing in action.

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New Sport Bike Training Unveiled

June 5, 2008 by · Comments Off on New Sport Bike Training Unveiled 

NORFOLK – A new course designed for sport bike motorcycle riders in the Navy and Marine Corps kicked off at Naval Station Norfolk June 4 and at other fleet concentration areas. Every sport bike rider in the Navy and Marine Corps will be required to take the course.

There has been a rise in the number of sport bike riders in the fleet, and the reason seems simple. They are sleek and colorful and built for speed. For Sailors and Marines, many of whom are naturally attracted to an adrenaline rush, this is a huge selling point. However, these same features make riding sport bikes much different than handling cruisers or touring bikes. Mishap statistics show it’s important to take these differences into account.

The Naval Safety Center (NSC) partnered with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to create the Military Sport Bike Rider Course (MSRC) specifically for sport bike riders.

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Michigan Gov. Granholm gets bill allowing helmet-less motorcyclists

June 5, 2008 by · 3 Comments 

LANSING – For the second time in two years, the Legislature has voted to allow adults to ride motorcycles in Michigan without a helmet.

And for the second time, Gov. Jennifer Granholm likely will veto it.

The House on Wednesday gave final approval, 70-38, to bill that would allow motorcyclists ages 21 and older to pay the state $100 a year for a permit to ride with no helmet. They’d have to pass a motorcycle safety course and have been licensed for two previous years.

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MRF Leaders Report- June

June 4, 2008 by · Comments Off on MRF Leaders Report- June 

Motorcycle Riders Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors Update

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Board of Directors met in Kansas City last month.  Two new members to the Board of Directors were welcomed.
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Henrico officers win in motorcycle competition

June 4, 2008 by · Comments Off on Henrico officers win in motorcycle competition 

Two Henrico County police officers won some of the top honors at the Chesapeake Bay Police Motorcycle Competition in Portsmouth last weekend.

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Biker Site: Motorcycle! Virginia!

June 4, 2008 by · Comments Off on Biker Site: Motorcycle! Virginia! 

Motorcycle Virginia
Motorcycle! Virginia! For many of us, these words sum up our great passions. The joy of riding is understood by every motorcyclist, whether they ride a cruiser, sport bike, trail bike, standard or chopper. And the beauty of Virginia, from mountains to ocean, is cherished by those who live here and admired by those whose visit.

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Truckers to Offer Motorcycle Riders Tips

June 3, 2008 by · Comments Off on Truckers to Offer Motorcycle Riders Tips 

I thought this was pretty interesting. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Professional truck drivers with millions of accident-free driving miles will demonstrate safety measures critical to saving lives on the nation’s highways to attendees of the 2008 Americade motorcycle rally in Lake George, NY. A static demonstration with simulated highway lanes will show how vehicles and trucks get into accidents. Professional truck drivers will give tips on blind spots, safe-merging techniques, and stopping and following distances.

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Beach police search for hit and run driver

June 3, 2008 by · Comments Off on Beach police search for hit and run driver 

This article is from this weekend, but I have not been able to find any info on the status. Anyone know if they found the guy yet? Anyone know if the person that was hit is OK?
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. ( — Virginia Beach police are looking for the driver of a car who they said struck a woman on a motorcycle then fled the scene.

The car struck the woman about 9:45 p.m. Friday, on Holland Road near Chimney Hill Parkway.

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