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Motorcycle Training in the DC Area – How to Get Started

January 5, 2009 by · 2 Comments 

My wife provided the inspiration to realize my childhood dream of riding. Friends provided guidance about starting with used bikes. And eBay provided a ample supply of bikes of all shapes, sizes, ages, and costs.

But all of that still left me with the fundamental dilemma, how do I get a motorcycle license with no experience, and how do I get experience on the road with no license? How do I even get the bike home, after buying it!?

The answer for the Northern Virginia area seemed to be Virginia’s Rider Training Program.  For those who have driven around this area on the weekends during the spring and summer, you’ve probably seen them: lines of motorcycle riders moving slowly through bright orange cones in the college parking lots.

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Virginia Driving Deaths Lowest in 40 Years

January 2, 2009 by · Comments Off on Virginia Driving Deaths Lowest in 40 Years 

Richmond – Virginia could set a record low for traffic fatalities in 2008.

Virginia State Police say 803 had died on Virginia’s roadways through Tuesday. That’s 218 fewer than 2007 and would be the least in more than 40 years the agency has tracked highway deaths.

The lowest number of deaths a year is 839, set in 1992.

One reason for the decline is a drop in motorcycle-related deaths. So far in 2008, 76 people have died in motorcycle wrecks, compared with 126 last year.

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Beware of deer on the roads

November 18, 2008 by · Comments Off on Beware of deer on the roads 

November is the peak month for collisions of vehicles with deer.

The number of people who die as a result of vehicle-animal collisions is increasing nationally, according to data from the federal government.

The number of people who have died in such crashes increased from 101 in 1993 to 150 in 2000, and 223 in 2007.

“The months with the most crash deaths coincide with the fall breeding season,” said Anne McCartt, senior vice president for research for the Highway Loss Data Institute.

“Crashes in which people are killed are most likely to occur in rural areas and on roads with speed limits of 55 or higher,” she said. “They’re also more likely to occur in darkness, at dusk or at dawn.”

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Virginia to Consider Per Mile Driving Tax

November 3, 2008 by · Comments Off on Virginia to Consider Per Mile Driving Tax 

Virginia legislature could begin study of per-mile driving taxes in 2009.

A member of the Virginia House of Delegates last week introduced legislation that would create a system to track the driving habits of Virginia motorists, imposing a tax on every mile driven. Delegate David Poisson (D-Loudoun) argues that his measure should be adopted by the legislature’s 2009 session because he believes gas tax revenue is dwindling.

“Inflation and escalating construction costs have severely eroded the purchasing power of fuel-tax revenue,” Poisson said in a statement. “At the same time, tax receipts are dropping as soaring gas prices and a weak economy reduce traffic volume. When people do drive, it is in more fuel-efficient cars, which only makes our revenue problems worse. Clearly, we can’t continue this way.”

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Marine motorcycle deaths top their Iraq combat fatalities

October 31, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

QUANTICO, Virginia (CNN) — Motorcycle accidents have killed more Marines in the past 12 months than enemy fire in Iraq, a rate that’s so alarming, it has prompted top brass to call a meeting to address the issue, officials say.

Twenty-five Marines have died in motorcycle crashes since November — all but one of them involving sport bikes that can reach speeds of well over 100 mph, according to Marine officials. In that same period, 20 Marines have been killed in action in Iraq.

The 25 deaths are the highest motorcycle death toll ever for the Marine Corps.

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Virginia State Police Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT) Event

October 28, 2008 by · Comments Off on Virginia State Police Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT) Event 

Virginia State Police and Roanoke City Police will be conducting a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etching event for automobile and motorcycle owners who would like to have their vehicles protected against theft on Saturday, November 1, 2008 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Target parking lot at Valley View Mall in Roanoke.

This free service is part of the Virginia State Police Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT) Program. VIN numbers will be permanently etched on the vehicle or motorcycle. Having VIN numbers marked on the vehicles steers thieves away. VIN etching takes away any potential profit thieves may make. VIN etching is simple, fast, safe and won’t mar the look of the vehicle or motorcycle. In addition to the etching, officers will be on hand to educate vehicle and motorcycle owners on how to prevent auto theft in their communities.

Redflex gets back to work in Virginia Beach

October 3, 2008 by · Comments Off on Redflex gets back to work in Virginia Beach 

Redflex Traffic Systems has announced the execution of a new open-ended contract with the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The initial phase is for 20 red light enforcement systems at 10 intersections for five years with three one-year renewals. However, there is potential for a
programme build-out of up to 43 intersections.

In 1995 the Virginia State Legislature authorised red light cameras for a 10-year period concluding 1 July, 2005. Commencing in September 2004 through 1 July 2005 and resulting from a successful competitive tender, Redflex and Virginia Beach implemented a highly successful red light camera programme that reduced red light running crashes by 40 per cent at the monitored intersections.

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Police concerned about two-wheeled traffic

September 27, 2008 by · Comments Off on Police concerned about two-wheeled traffic 

Herndon resident Scott Norman, a husband and father of two young children, was one of the three motorcycle fatalities in Fairfax County this year.

On July 29, Norman lost control of his 2008 Suzuki while on Herndon Parkway, slammed into a barrier and was killed instantly. The police report estimated that he had been traveling at 77 miles per hour, more than twice the posted speed limit.

Although annual Fairfax County motorcycle fatalities have remained in the single digits in recent years, police are concerned with the potential safety issues that may come with more two-wheeled vehicles on roadways being driven by inexperienced drivers.

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