Leather Motorcycle Riding Gloves

 Fox Creek Leather Made in the USA

Men's Deerskin Riding Gloves

Deerskin motorcycle gloves are luxurious and soft. They have a natural tendency to form to the hand and are naturally water repellent properties.

Unlike cowhide motorcycle gloves, Deerskin motorcycle gloves have stretch width-wise and very little stretch length-wise. That means a perfectly fitting motorcycle glove that will expand with your hand when you make a fist or grip something, but with fingers that won't stretch or become floppy.

Deerskin motorcycle gloves can be hand-washed. When they get wet they won't shrink - and will stay soft even after air-drying!

Men's Deerskin Guantlet Gloves
Unlined Deerskin Guantlet Gloves

Lined Deerskin Guantlet Gloves
Thinsulate Lined Deerskin Guantlet Gloves


Lee Park's lined gauntlet racing gloves

DeerSports PCi Motorcycle Gloves

Designed by a professional motorcycle rider, these gloves are an ecstatic marriage of form and function. You can feel what you are doing - dig in your pocket for keys and change or adjust a carburetor. Anyone who has gone down palm first will appreciate the extra padding that in no way limits your dexterity. The Velcro closure on the cuff accommodates the largest jacket and seals tight.

Soft Deerskin palms and Elkskin backs. Insulated with Outlast phase change material and a layer of Thinsulate on the back of the glove. The special Outlast material allows the glove to be thinner than most winter gloves, which provides good feel for the motorcycle's controls.

More DeerSports PCi Motorcycle Gloves


Gel Palm Gloves

Gel palm padding absorbs vibration. Elastic wrist with leather and Velcro closure strap. These Gel Palm Motorcycle Gloves are imported.
Gel Palm Motorcycle Gloves
Gel Palm Motorcycle Gloves
Gel Palm Fingerless Gloves
Gel Palm Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Women's Riding Gloves

Crafted from the same quality Deerskin as the men's gloves but sized and styled for the ladies.
Women's Deerskin Riding Gloves - Unlined
Women's Deerskin Riding Gloves - Unlined


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