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Motorcycle Mania 1 DVD

Motorcycle Mania DVD

Step inside the garage of Jesse James, the leading motorcycle builder in America, as he puts the finishing touches on several custom-made choppers that will debut during Bike Week in Daytona Beach. Jesse is a descendant of the famous outlaw, and his lean-mean choppers have brought worldwide attention and much deserved respect. Go inside Jesse's shop and watch him prepare several bikes for show where over 600,000 bikers with scrutinizing eyes will size up his creations. With so many bikes to finish, including his own, will Jesse make the deadline? Will the bikes be the masterpieces he seeks? The clock is ticking!

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Motorcycle Mania 2 DVD

Motorcycle Mania 2 DVD

Who is the talented motorcycle designer riding 1,400 miles non-stop from Long Beach, California to Sturgis, South Dakota? To serious bikers the answer is obvious. His chopper's 40 degree rake, the six-shooter risers, the 5-inch stretch and the Maltese Cross-shaped filter cover give him away. It's Jesse James, the star of the original Motorcycle Mania! Follow Jesse along his journey to Sturgis, home of the Black Hills Classic, which is according to Jesse the biggest and most important annual biker event. Last year 800,000 bikers came out for the event, and this year will mark the 16th anniversary of Jesse's trip to the legendary gathering.

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Watch Jesse build his own Sturgis Special for the journey as you flashback to the months preceding the Classic. Meet some interesting characters in the shops where Jesse buys materials . like Sugar Bear, an older gentleman who was one of the creators of the '60s chopper look. Plus, join Jesse with his famous and very large customer, Los Angeles Lakers center, Shaquille O'Neal! After seeing Jesse's work in Motorcycle Mania 1, Shaq decided he had to have a Jesse James cycle. Plus, see Jesse and crew work feverishly to finish this special project for Shaq as well as one for professional wrestler Bill Goldberg. Then see and hear the finished products as Jesse rides off to Sturgis to showcase his latest masterpiece.

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Motorcycle Mania 3 DVD
Jesse James Rides Again

Jesse James is back with another dose of mayhem in the biggest and baddest Motorcycle Mania installment yet. Follow the world's most famous outlaw bike builder over the course of one crazy year as he marries and divorces a famous adult film star, makes a chopper out of pure copper and thunders across the deserts of Northern Mexico with home boy Kid Rock.

Motorcycle Mania 3: Jesse James Rides Again DVD

Using vintage World War II power hammers - and with the help of his mentor, Fay Butler - Jesse pounds out the gleaming copper gas tank of his new bike-to-be. Soon, Jesse will hand-fabricate the frame and begin work on a stunning, curved metal saddlebag. By his side is girlfriend Janine Lindemulder. The two are desperately in love and plan to marry soon...but they are already working on having "a little pup" together.

Just a few months later, what seemed so promising is now turning sour. Jesse's new marriage is on the rocks, and the publicity and fan craziness surrounding West Coast Choppers is getting to him. With his copper chopper nearly finished . and his marriage equally so . Jesse recruits his bud Kid Rock to join him on the ultimate stress-free, get-lost road trip south of the border. What follows is a raucous, maverick ride through Mexico's Sierra Madres, punctuated by guitars, guns and plenty of good times.

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