Chopper Books for the Custom Motorcycle Enthusiast

Chopper Books

Are you shopping for the perfect gift for the custom motorcycle enthusiast on your list? Not sure what to get them? Check out these cool chopper books from

These great books offer a ton of information on the history of choppers with tons of pictures of some beautiful radical custom machines built by some of the top custom motorcycle builders in the industry.

These chopper books would make a great addition to any custom motorcycle enthusiast's library or coffee table.

Art of the Chopper

Art of the Chopper

In The Art of the Chopper, Tom Zimberoff focuses his photographic talent on the ultra exotic, ultra sexy, custom motorcycles built by today's hottest builders,-people like Billy Lane and Dave Perowitz.

These remarkable machines turn to rolling sculptures when seen through Zimberoff's eye, an eye honed during his decades of work as a rock 'n roll photographer, touring with The Jackson-5, Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, and Stephen Stills among others, and later in his photojournalism career, working for Time and other magazines. His photographs have appeared on the covers of Time, Fortune, Money, People, and numerous other magazines.

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Choppers: Heavy Metal Art

Choppers : Heavy Metal Art

When a motorcycle has been built from the ground up, stripped of anything not needed for speed, power, and striking looks, and draped in rich colors and chrome, it has been transformed into a chopper. What was once considered an outlaw ride has now become a luxury item and a mainstream obsession. In Choppers: Heavy Metal Art, author and biker Mike Seate explores the many styles of choppers and bobbers and the builders behind them. The book is divided into several sections based on style or type of chopper, with each section devoted to the builders who follow a similar style and philosophy. Some builders are established names in their field, while others are up-and-comers rocking the chopper world with their far-out ideas and new spins on a classic style. Photographer Michael Lichter, who has photographed choppers for Easyriders and several other magazines for nearly three decades, provides stunning studio images of the featured machines as well as portraits of their creators.

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Billy Lane Chop Fiction

Billy Lane - Chop Fiction

Billy Lane - Chop Fiction is the ultimate insiders look at the lifestyle and artistry behind one of the most famous chopper builders in the world.

In this autobiography, Billy shares his life story, from running with gangsters in Miami as a younger man to becoming a celebrity chopper builder who is mobbed by fans everywhere he goes. Inside stories on his most famed bikes are included, as well as Billys thoughts on those who inspired and helped him on the road to becoming a famed chopper artist and television star. The book is full-color, giving ample room for the reader to view Billys incredible creations, featured in stunning photography by Michael Lichter. Billys bikes are works of art on multiple levels, combining the fine art of sculpture with the pop art of incorporating found objects into the work. But they are also technological tours de force, featuring engineering that is nothing short of astounding.

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Recognized by their long forks and chopped frames, choppers have found new appeal among todays motorcycle enthusiasts and continue to inspire motorcycle customizers around the globe. Choppers takes a unique look at these classic pieces of twentieth century Americana.

Written by experienced motorcycle writer Mike Seate, Choppers provides a comprehensive look at how choppers originated and evolved and what has fueled the current resurgence of interest in building and riding custom motorcycles. Early chapters explore the post-World War II bob job Harleys that predated the chopper. Interviews and historical photos detail the development of the chopper from its earliest days, through the outlaw longbike period of the 1960s and 1970s, to the twenty-first century chopper renaissance.

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Outlaw Choppers -ECS

Outlaw Choppers

Choppers, originally the favored rides of outlaw bikers, represent the pinnacle of todays motorcycling chic. Choppers designed by top builders routinely command six-figure prices. Once relegated to the scrap heap of pop-culture history along with wide lapels, mutton-chop sideburns, and macram233 vests, the chopper has returned to the cultural forefront. Todays choppers, rigid-framed, 125-horsepower steeds thrusting their extended forks down Americas public highways, violate our sensibilities with their sheer outrageousness. Outlaw Choppers tells the story of these wild machines, where they came from, whats going on today, and where theyre going in the future.

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