Chain Gang Body Jewelry and Piercing Accessories
Ear, Nipple, Belly Button, and More

One of the Largest Selections of Quality Body Jewelry at very Low Prices. If you have a piercing, we have the body jewelry. We also publish Free, The Body Jewelry News.



Sterling Silver
Made from Sterling Silver and made with exceptional detail. These charms are unique in that they have a swivel inside the ball so that they may be used for either vertical or horizontal piercings.

14K Gold
Made from 14k yellow gold and made with exceptional detail. And just like the sterling silver charms these charms also are unique in that they have a swivel inside the ball so that they may be used for either vertical or horizontal piercings.

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Tusks, Claws, Horns, and More
Straight, Curved and Circular Barbells


Large Collection of Jewelry - Just for Nipples

Nipple Disk's are designed to enhance the visual properties of pierced nipples. These Stainless Steel Shields consist of a hollowed out, and slightly elevated disk, through which the nipple protrudes, and are held in place by the wearers jewelry. They are available in either plain or with grooved circles, and in many different sizes.

Collars are a seriously awesome piece of jewelry for the adventurer in either gender. Each Collar has 4 radial spikes, and 4 more that point straight forward, all of which are removable. As with the most Nipple Shields, they are held in place the jewelry in your piercing.

Nipple Whirls are adornments that are also fun, and will offer some amazing visual consequences. They are to be used with a long barbell, that passes though the piercing and the Spiral. Turning the Whirl will locate the barbell up higher, and thus extending the nipple.

Nipple Rounders are designed primarily for female or pronounced male nipples. The rounder slides over the nipple and a barbell passes through both the rounder and the piercing. We also will include a barbell to fit in either 14, 12, or 10 gauge.

Nipple Clamps provide an opportunity for an adornment for both the pierced and the non pierced, but the visual effect is heightened, when the nipple is pierced. The clamping screws have a 8 mm ball on each end.

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Belly Knockers, Earlets, Flesh Tunnels
Glow in the Dark Body Jewelry

The Labret is a barbell stud with a fixed flat back and a removable End. Chain Gang carries them in both high quality solid 14K Gold, and in 316LVM surgical grade stainless steel, and even offer them to you with Genuine Diamonds.

Nostril Screws, in Surgical Steel, Titanium, and solid 14K Yellow or White Gold. They are available in a variety of shapes and styles, as well as some extremely vibrant colors.

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