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The Custom Belt Buckle Knife
Fast, Handy, There when you need it, Useful, Efficient

In a tight spot, need a knife fast, it's there. No fumbling around in your pocket, it's right on your belt buckle and it'll come out with the flick of a thumb. It may be small, but it's fast. A flick of the thumb and this baby is open and ready to go. This is a uniquely designed belt buckle knife, only available here. You won't find these great belt buckle knives anywhere else on the web.

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It won't fall out and your friends will never figure out how it opens. An amazing product. Your knife will be out and the job done while your friends are still fumbling in their pocket for theirs. When you need it fast it's there. When you need one handed operation it's there.Always handy, right there on your belt buckle.


Can you pull your knife out while your riding your horse (or your iron horse). You might need to but it's there in your pocket under your chaps where you can't get to it. But instead of under your chaps, your new belt buckle knife is right there on top, holding your chaps up. Out in a second to get you out of trouble.

Not only is this the world's fastest knife, but if you need it to be it can be the most concealed knife. While reaching into your pocket can be obvious, passing your hand over your belt buckle is not. A natural looking movement can put that knife in your hand without anyone noticing it's there.

The Worlds Fastest Knife

This is the fastest tool you'll ever have. Great just for working on whatever

Not only fast, concealed, useful, they are beautiful. Handcrafted by artist Greg Gillespie, they are as much a work of art as they are a great tool. Greg insures that each piece is to his standards. He invented them and he's the only one that makes them. Quality is guaranteed.


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The buckle, with the knife installed is about 3 1/4 inches wide by about 1 5/8 inches high. It is about 3/8 of an inch thick. It is not a large buckle. It is designed to not get in the way in such activities as riding your Harley. It is made to fit a 1 1/2 belt which is a standard opening size. The knife blade is 2 15/32 inches.

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Belt Buckle Knives

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