The Discovery Channel American Chopper Series

For Paul Teutul and his son Paul Jr., Orange County Choppers is all about the bikes. Their shop in Orange County New York is only a few years old, but thanks to some amazingly creative bike work and an immediately popular show on the Discovery Channel (their highest rated) OCC have propelled themselves to the top of the bike heap.

American Chopper profiles the lives of New York natives Paul Teutul Sr. and son Paul Jr. of Orange County Choppers (OCC), creators of the world's most outrageous custom motorcycles. Follow the day-to-day drama of this volatile father and son team as they battle impossible deadlines - and each other - to push the envelope of motorcycle design and fabrication.

American Chopper: Complete Season 1 DVD Set

American Chopper: Complete Season 1 DVD Set

Get your hands on the first season of Discovery's hottest show, American Chopper. Watch the entire 13-episode run of the Teutuls' inaugural season on six DVDs. Plus, get two free bonus discs featuring the pre-series specials that started it all . Jet Bike and Biketoberfest . and a special "behind the scenes" collection of hilarious footage. In all, it's over 12 hours of bikes, bickering and backbiting in one, complete package!

American Chopper Season 1 features custom theme bikes; Black Widow, Race Bike, Fire Bike, Old School Chopper, Comanche, Mikey's Bike. The bonus DVD includes the very first episode, the Jet Bike, and behind the scenes footage.

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American Chopper: Complete Season 2 DVD Set

American Chopper: Complete Season 2 DVD Set

Take a ride with the second season of Discovery's hit show, American Chopper and save 55 percent off the regular price! Catch every minute of OCC's sophomore campaign . over 12 hours of concepts, chaos and construction on 15 DVDs, including the hilarious Season Two Christmas Special!

American Chopper Season 2 features the fabrication of several great theme bikes including the Tool Bike, Christmas Bike, Liberty Bike, POW/MIA Bike, Miller Electric Bike, the Dixie Chopper, and many more.

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Individual American Chopper Episodes on DVD

American Chopper: Black Widow DVD

Black Widow Bike

With New York's crucial Javits Center bike show just weeks away and the pressure mounting to outdo his famed Jet Bike design, Paul Jr. begins work on his most sinister creation yet . the incredible Black Widow motorcycle.

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American Chopper: Biketober & Jet Bike DVD

Jet Bike

Join this hotheaded duo as they conceptualize and race to build their latest custom creation - the intimidating Jet Bike, since featured on the cover of American Iron Magazine - in time for Laconia Bike Week.

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American Chopper: POW/MIA Bike DVD Set


As American troops struggle to keep the peace overseas, Big Paul sets out to honor their forgotten brothers with a custom chopper inspired by the plight of prisoners of war and missing servicemen.

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