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BON Party USA June 4-6 in ‘Old Sweet’ Virginia!

May 14, 2010 by  

Old Sweet Virginia will be celebrating ‘BON Party USA’ June 4th 5th and 6th along with the rest of America! All across the nation, BikerOrNot members will be celebrating this event at the same time, so lets say ‘Thanks’ to ‘Magic Man’ of New Hampshire for creating this idea and event for all of us on

‘BON Party USA’ is the perfect opportunity to ‘Say Hello’ and socialize – (and ride)- once again with all your BikerOrNot friends — It is also — the perfect opportunity to make a ‘whole lot’ of new acquaintances from the site. … There’s sure to be BON folks there you have yet to ‘MEET’ – or – ‘GREET’ … Speaking of ‘New People’ – WHY OF COURSE!! —> mention ‘BON Party USA’ to your ‘NON BON’ friends! … This is an EVERYONE IS INCLUDED EVENT … It’s for EVERYONE!!! They are all WELCOME to participate and see for themselves, what BikerOrNot — and those of us ON BikerOrNot — are all about!

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