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Biker Friendly Virginia House of Delegate Candidates

September 17, 2009 by  

We have the opportunity to make a difference this year in the Virginia General Assembly by helping to get some biker-friendly candidates elected in the House of Delegates in November.

Even if you aren’t able to vote for any of the candidates listed, you can help us work on their behalf and encourage others to vote for them.

The incumbents have made a poor showing when voting on motorcycle-related issues and now its time to give them a negative vote.

Help put up some signs, make some calls or hand out some campaign material. Let them know that you are an involved biker and are willing to do something to help.

House District 64, incumbent William K. Barlow;
Surry, Smithfield, Windsor, Jamestown, Isle of Wight

House District 87, incumbent Paula Miller;
CANDIDATE JOHN AMIRAL, Assistant Marcus Calabrese 757-663-8720

House District 89, incumbent Kenneth Alexander;

House District 90, incumbent Algie T. Howell;
Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach

House District 93, incumbent Phillip Hamilton;
Newport News, Williamsburg
CANDIDATE ROBIN ABBOTT, Field Director Corinna King-Brown,, 618-830-7868

House District 94, incumbent Glenn Oder;
Newport News
CANDIDATE GARY WEST, Manager Jonas Courey,, 706-409-2945

For more information, please visit the “Bikers for Bill Sponsors” website at and sign-up for the Legislative Alerts. Don’t be irritated if you have received duplicate mailings of this information. Just be proud that you’re “in the loop” of so many mailing lists and have been selected to receive this. If you are a federal employee this mailing does not violate the Hatch Act.

John Bilotta
Assistant Director
Virginia Cruisers Chapter
ABATE of Virginia



One Response to “Biker Friendly Virginia House of Delegate Candidates”

  1. Carl Blanchard on June 15th, 2010 1:54 am

    i have been riding since 1969 . and you guys have been prommising every year that where going to get our right to choose . and it hasn’t happened i useto pay my dues everyear till it looked like theres nothing we as Virginans and as bike riders can do to change it . now i had a bad accidented in 78 an was glad i had that dam thing on my head . but it should be my choice . i think if i’m in northern Va. or on interstate any one with less then 5 or 6 years of riding . put the lid on . but it’s realy stupit to make me ware one in State parks . these places I OWN and you Own and at 15 mph you are realtively safe . i think you should have to carrie a yellow Bike permit for 5 or 6 years the have the M put on to the driver permit . we have to remember that Goverment is ran by big money and it the helmit makers and the insurance companie’s and the counties can’t make money on this law it will not happen . GOOD LUCK guys