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Livin’ high on the hog: Annual Harley Owners Group state motorcycle rally roars into Roanoke

June 21, 2009 by  

The average Harley-Davidson motorcycle is capable of roaring louder than 100 decibels, a noise that is eight times louder than a vacuum cleaner.

So it stands to reason that when about 1,750 Harleys descend on a city, as they will in Roanoke through the weekend, the thunder of all those bikes could compete with a jumbo jet full of screaming babies.

And, oh doctor, that’s the way Susan Thrift likes it. “It just makes your blood flow,” exclaimed the 56-year-old payroll administrator from Chesapeake, when asked about the roar. “It used to be annoying until you get on one.”

The state rally of the Harley Owners Groups, or HOGs, has begun. All 17 of the Virginia HOG chapters have rumbled into town on their Fat Boys, Sportsters and Road Kings for the four-day convention.

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