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Redflex gets back to work in Virginia Beach

October 3, 2008 by  

Redflex Traffic Systems has announced the execution of a new open-ended contract with the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The initial phase is for 20 red light enforcement systems at 10 intersections for five years with three one-year renewals. However, there is potential for a
programme build-out of up to 43 intersections.

In 1995 the Virginia State Legislature authorised red light cameras for a 10-year period concluding 1 July, 2005. Commencing in September 2004 through 1 July 2005 and resulting from a successful competitive tender, Redflex and Virginia Beach implemented a highly successful red light camera programme that reduced red light running crashes by 40 per cent at the monitored intersections.

In 2005, the Virginia General Assembly did not renew this enabling legislation and as a result, effective 1 July 2005, all municipalities across Virginia were required to terminate their respective contracts and indefinitely shut down their programmes.

In 2007 the General Assembly enacted new legislation allowing communities to implement comprehensive red light camera programmes, with cities being allowed to enforce one intersection for every 10,000 residents.

As Karen Finley, CEO of Redflex Traffic Systems explains, Redflex has been an active leader in legislative initiatives in more than half of the 21 states in which it operates. To ensure the industry’s successful propagation, the company has made a strategic investment in a team of
legislative experts with a keen knowledge of working the delicate, formal, legislative processes and grass root efforts.

“When the original 1995 Virginia photo enforcement legislation was not renewed, we implemented a focused legislative effort: two-years later, these efforts were successfully received by the Virginia General Assembly as referenced by the state-wide enablement of photo enforcement programmes,” Finley said. “As the largest municipality in Virginia, it was a great validation to be awarded the Virginia Beach photo enforcement contract through two separate competitive tenders at two
points in time; firstly in 2004 and more recently in 2008,” she added.



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