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VIP Motorcycle Cover Review

August 1, 2008 by  


The guys over at sent me one of their VIP Motorcycle Covers and asked me to check it out. Now just so you guys know I do not use a cover, I have a garage and besides that my bike hardly sets still long enough to be covered. I know there are a lot of folks out there that either do not have a garage or store their bike over the winter, the VIP cover would be a great product for you folks.

Even though I do not personally use a cover on my bike I would recommend the Empire Covers VIP Motorcycle Cover to anyone looking for a cover to protect or store their bike.

The VIP Motorcycle Cover is designed to protect your bike from moisture, dust, and the sun. The manufacturer states that the cover will fit every mass-produced motorcycle up to 1500cc. It fit my Heritage with 20″ apehangers just fine with room to spare.

Motorcycle Cover
The VIP Motorcycle Cover In It’s Storage Bag

The cover is a 2 piece cover that completely covers your bike from top to bottom. The lower cover is made from a heavy rubberized material and the top cover is a heavy duty polyester which is lined to protect your bikes finish.


When folded the VIP motorcycle cover measures about 16″x11″x5″ and weighs approximately 8 lbs.

About the only thing that I can say negative is that the cover did not come with any instructions so it did take me a bit to figure the thing out the first time I used it. After that it did not take anytime to cover my bike.

Since the cover did not come with any instructions I was not sure if you could use the cover on a motorcycle while the engine and exhuast was hot so I a dropped a note to Empire Covers Customer Service and they said that the cover was designed so that it could be installed on a hot bike. Just so you know I did not try this, and I would recommend that you wait for your bike to cool at least some before installing this cover or any cover. Covering a hot engine can lead to condensation inside the cover which kind of defeats the purpose.

Here are the basics to setting up the Empire Covers VIP Motorcycle Cover:

First you layout the bottom cover. There is a label on it so you know which part is the inside and and which end is the front.

Motorcycle Cover

One detail that I definitely liked about the cover was the reenforced area for the kickstand on the bottom cover. You may not be able to see it real well in the picture, but it is there.

Kickstand Reenforement

Next you use the straps to secure the bottom cover to the bike around the front wheel, over the seat and tank, and around the rear wheel.

Bottom Motorcycle Cover

The cover has lines to snug the cover up on the front and rear of the bike.

Bike Cover

Once the bottom cover is secure installing the top cover is done in much the same way that you install a regular motorcycle cover. Just drape the cover over the bike. The top cover is also labeled so that you know which end is which.

Motorcycle Cover

The top cover then attaches to the bottom cover with several quick release straps.

Protective cover

Once the top and bottom covers are straped together there is a cord at the front and rear of the top cover to snug it down so that the cover fits securely.

Completely covered
Here is the cover installed – Oops I left the highway peg sticking out.

The top cover can also be used independently of the bottom cover for a quick way to cover your bike.

If you are looking for a high quality and affordable cover for your bike I recommend the VIP Motorcycle Cover from Empire Covers.

VIP 100% Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

The VIPS cover is the perfect portable garage for your valuable motorcycle. The lower portion of the cover is made of a heavy rubberized material that protects the motorcycle’s undercarriage. The top cover is made of heavy-duty polyester lined with a soft inner layer to protect the finish on your motorcycle.

Your motorcycle is completely encapsulated for the ultimate in protection from all nature has to offer. The buckle and strap system ensure the cover stays in place, even in high winds. The top cover can be used alone for quick protection.



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