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“Move Over” Law Not Being Followed in Virginia

July 3, 2008 by  

The law is on the books in 48 states, but 71 percent of Americans are unaware of its existence.

According to law enforcement officers, the need for motorists to be educated about the “move over law” has reached a critical point after four Virginia State Police troopers sustained personal injuries over the past three months from drivers who failed to slow down or change lanes.

Recently on Interstate 81 near Blacksburg when a VSP road officer had to leap into his cruiser and across the driver’s seat in order to avoid being hit by a tractor-trailer. The truck jackknifed after slamming into the trooper’s vehicle.

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One Response to ““Move Over” Law Not Being Followed in Virginia”

  1. Tony Smith on July 7th, 2008 7:57 pm

    The move over law may help some, but it isn’t always practical. Heavy traffic conditions prevent some from moving over, and may result in stupid accidents as we “move over”. I’m all for protecting the troopers, but they need to use common sense in pulling over vehicles. They need to perhaps instruct the driver to go to the next exit. That’s what we need: a “next exit” law. All persons who are lit up for speeding or reckless driving need to proceed to the next exit. That would make things safer for everyone concerned. The troopers need to approach on the rider’s side, and not subject themselves to driver’s side sideswiping. Just a thought.