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Bullet Proof BDL Belt Drive Starter Fix

July 10, 2008 by  

Wasn’t really a problem, more of an annoyance. I love my BDL 3″ open belt drive that I installed on my Heritage. I like the look of it, the sound of the clutch plates clanking together, and the sound of the belt whirling around the pulleys at speed – it is bad ass.

The only real problem I have had is that from time to time I would go to start her and when I hit the starter button the starter would just spin. How often this happened usually depended on the number of folks watching. Not really a big deal, rock the belt a bit, hit the button agian and she starts right up. Like I said it is not really a problem, just an annoyance.

A few months ago while lurking around the forums at Club Chopper I read a thread that offered up a fix for this annoyance – the Bullet Proof BDL Fix.

Picked up the kit online from Scooter’s Performance. Just over $100 delivered.

Installation is VERY simple. It only took about 15 minutes and just about anyone should be able to do it.

About the Buller Proof Belt Drive Fix
From the Manufacturer

This amazing part will fix the “grind” associated with starting bikes that have a solid or very rigid belt drive actuation. The engineered spring and ramped teeth help integrate the teeth before the unit locks in and turns.

Stop grinding your teeth – and the bike’s jackshaft all while producing smoother and quieter starts.

Removing the Old Starter Pinion Gear

Remove the starter housing from the motor plate to expose the starter pinion gear.

Starter Housing

Old Starter Pinion Gear From the BDL Kit Installed – You can see the grind marks where it did not engage the ring gear.

Remove the old starter pinion gear from the starter jackshaft. Use a flathead screw driver wedged between the ring gear on the clutch basket and the starter pinion gear to keep it from turning so you can remove the bolt.

Use a Screw Driver to Keep it from Turning to Remove the old Gear

When you remove the old set up from the starter jackshaft there is a spring that is installed on the jackshaft. It probably will not come out with the rest of the assembly so you will need to remove it with a pair of needle nose pliers. I forgot about it at first and could not figure out why I could not get the new coupler the seat all the way on the starter jackshaft.

Old Setup Removed from the Starter Jackshaft

Installing the Bullet Proof Starter Fix

The Bullet Proof Belt Drive Fix Kit comes with the Jackshaft bolt & washer, the pinion gear, the shaft, a spring, the coupler that mates it to the starter jackshaft, and a couple of spacers.

Bullet Proof BDL Starter Fix

Instructions Included with Bullet Proof Starter Fix Kit

To install the fix just assemble the components and slide the coupler onto the starter jackshaft. May take a bit of fiddling to get the pinion gear to slide pass the ring gear. Apply a drop or 2 of red loctite to the bolt and tighten it to 60in. lbs.

Again, use a flathead screwdriver wedged through the ring gear and the pinion gear to keep it from turning so you can tighten it to the proper torque.

Bullet Proof BDL Starter Fix Installed – Notice the bevel on the pinion gear that allows it to engage the ring gear easier.

Try her out. Hit the starter button and the pinion gear should engage the ring gear on the first shot.

Reinstall the starter housing using blue loctite on the 2 bolts.

I have been running it with the Bullet Proof Fix installed for about a week now and it has not missed a beat. If you are running a BDL belt drive and are having problems with the starter just “zinging” from time to time this fix is well worth the money and effort.

Take Care – Ride FREE


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One Response to “Bullet Proof BDL Belt Drive Starter Fix”

  1. David on September 3rd, 2011 12:27 pm

    Hi, my starter just started zinging on ’97 Heritage Softail. Will the fix you describe above allow me to not remove the starter, and assume the starter clutch is ok. This happened when I purchased it a year ago, and the seller fixed it free, though I don’t know what the”fix” was then. It didn’t take long(he’s a builder and has a small shop out of state back home where I traded due to Sportster issue). The zing sounds like it is not kicking out, I guess pull the primary cover first and see. Thanks