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Wheeling In Readers

June 18, 2008 by  

When dozens of bikers thundered up to Laburnum Elementary School last month, they hadn’t made a wrong turn on the way to a motorcycle rally. They were there to read.

Henrico County – For most people, the word “reading” evokes images of a solitary, sedentary pastime, practiced in a serene silence broken only by the whisper of turning pages.

But for at least one local organization, reading and literacy events are best celebrated with a commotion – or even a disruption – and set against a background of throbbing chrome and steel machines and the roar of powerful engines.

When two dozen Riders for Readers rolled onto the Laburnum Elementary School campus on May 30, the scene was precisely that – and exactly what Eric Engler had in mind when he developed the program four years ago.

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