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High Gas Prices Could Hurt Motorcycle Week

June 14, 2008 by  

LACONIA, N.H. — Rising gas prices may trim the turnout at this year’s Motorcycle Week in Laconia, organizers said.

Motorcycle Week is back for an 85th year, and Gov. John Lynch was on hand to kick off festivities on Friday. But organizers said they would be lucky to approach the 300,000 visitors who came to the event last year.

“Everyone’s psyched up for it,” organizer Jennifer Anderson said. “It’s just going to be a little tighter on the purse strings.”

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One Response to “High Gas Prices Could Hurt Motorcycle Week”

  1. shoveljohn on June 16th, 2008 5:55 am

    At first I was wondering , what are they talking about , but then the light bulb
    came on… ” drag queens ” the folks that drag their bikes to these events .
    My wife has told me of such a time her EX towed their bikes to Fla for Daytona
    and never unloaded them , it rained all week so they left the bikes on the
    She learned different with me , most of the fun is the ride .