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Fox Creek Leather Deerskin Gloves

June 6, 2008 by  

Outseam Deerskin Gloves A VERY comfortable and functional pair of riding gloves.

If you are looking for a nice pair of riding gloves check out the Outseam Deerskin Gloves from Fox Creek Leather. These gloves are manufactured from high quality Deerskin Leather and are made in the USA.

The seams of these gloves are sewn on the outside making the Outseam Glove one of Fox Creek’s most comfortable gloves.

The gloves are unlined and are not designed for cold weather riding but if you pick up a pair of liners from your local sporting goods store they will help keep your hands warm even if the temps fall a bit. I try to ride to work most days and I am on the road well before the sun comes up, even with the still somewhat cool morning temps these gloves are just fine even without inserts. If you are looking for a glove that is a lined and designed for a bit cooler temps make sure you check out he Elkskin Riding Gloves, these are very comfortable and are lined.

I own several pairs of Fox Creek Leather Gloves and they are all top quality. If you are looking for a good glove suited for Spring time riding get yourself a pair of these Outseam Deerskin Gloves.

Outseam Deerskin Riding Gloves

From the Manufacturer:

There is always a small determined cult that puts comfort and function before style or trends. Outseam deerskin gloves have such a following. This is the most comfortable deerskin glove we have! All the seams are sewn on the outside so the only thing your hand feels is smooth seamless deerskin. The glove is slit on the side and slips on easily. A wrist strap with a nickel-plated slide buckle enables you to quickly cinch the glove around the wrist.

When our walk-in customers try this glove on they almost always buy it. Who cares if you look like a Russian infantryman from the late thirties? You will have a super comfy glove.

Fox Creek Leather American Made Motorcycle Riding Leathers

About Fox Creek Leather

Fox Creek Leather is a small family run company in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia. We take pride in offering high quality American-made motorcycle leathers at reasonable prices.



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