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Battery Charger Quick Connect

May 30, 2008 by  

BATTERY TENDER ™ PLUS BATTERY CHARGERS For years I have been using a Battery Tender to keep my scoots battery charged and ready when I am not riding. Since we have more than one scoot there is almost always one connected to the tender. About two weeks ago the battery tender went south after over 6 good years of reliable service.

If you are looking for a great and affordable charger to maintain your bikes battery then I highly recommend one of these little Battery Tenders.

Since mine broke (like I said it was over 6 years old and was pretty much used constantly – it didn’t owe me anything), I decided I wanted to get a charger that was a bit more versital – that I could use for my car, truck, motorcycle – whatever. My wife picked me up a DieHard 10/2/50 Amp automatic charger from Sears that will charge at 2 Amps, 10 Amps, and has a 50 Amp engine start. It also has automatic maintenance and reverse hook up protection.

The only problem with it was that it would not work with the quick disconnects I had installed on the bikes for the battery tender.

Battery Charger PigtailHmmm… I had two choices. Cut the clips off the new charger and solder on the quick connect, or…

I cut off the quick connect from the old battery tender and created a terminal block using a scrape 2×4 block of wood and a couple of spare bolts I had laying around on the bench in the garage.

Pretty simple, just drilled a couple of holes large enough for the bolts to go through. I counter sunk them on the back just to make it a bit neater. I cut the quick connect off the battery tender, stripped the wires back, and mounted them on the block with the bolts.

Battery Terminal Hook UpBefore I hooked up the charger I hooked the quick connect up to the bike and then checked the terminals with a meter to make sure I had the polarity correct and I labeled the + and – bolts on the block.

Now I can just hook the quick connect up to the bike battery and attach the battery charger clamps to the terminals.

Works like a champ.

Take Care – Ride FREE



One Response to “Battery Charger Quick Connect”

  1. 82drops on June 6th, 2008 4:41 am

    Nice workaround man. Sometimes the chargers are awesome but don’t quite do everything you need.